Signs Your Truck Engine Has Become Compromised

The engine is the heart of your truck. Without it, your vehicle will be obsolete. Nevertheless, since engines are built for durability, some motorists may end up neglecting to service this component until a problem arises. The problem with this approach is underlying problems that could have easily been fixed would have gotten sufficient time to escalate into severe engine trouble. So what are the signs that your engine has become compromised and would require servicing?

Loss of compression

When your engine begins to experience compression loss, it will typically manifest as your truck misfiring whenever you try to turn on the engine. In the beginning, you may think that the misfiring is merely inconvenient, as your engine eventually will start to run. However, what you are not bearing in mind is the damage the misfiring is doing to your engine every single time it happens. If the misfiring is not remedied, you could end up with a defunct engine that would require replacing. Thus, if you notice that your truck has started misfiring, it would be best to have a mechanic determine the cause of the compression loss and service your engine for you.

Decreased fuel efficiency

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses that your truck will incur. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that it is using this precious fluid as efficiently as possible or owning a vehicle can become quite costly. If you start to notice that you are refilling your tank more regularly than usual, chances are there is an underlying problem that remains undetected. In some cases, this issue could lie with the engine. If your engine is overworking itself, it will be consuming more fuel, leading to decreased fuel efficiency. It would be advisable to monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicle and have a mechanic inspect your engine to determine if it is in dire need of servicing.

Clogs in your engine

There are different fluids that your engine needs for it to stay in optimum condition. One fluid that is prudent is oil, as this keeps the various components of the engine lubricated. The second fluid is coolant, which works to avoid overheating. If the coolant and engine oil are not inspected routinely, sludge will begin to accumulate in your engine as the compounds in the fluids break down from continuous heat exposure. As the contaminants in these fluids increase, there is a high risk of your engine becoming clogged.  It would be crucial to have your engine serviced, so any sludge present is eliminated. Moreover, you should take measures to ensure that the coolant and engine oil is changed on a frequent basis.

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