Get Chrome Grilles Sparkling with Common Household Items

A chrome grille can quite easily take pride of place on your truck, with its bright and luxurious finish shining out from the front for all to see and envy.

That's until it gets tarnished or picks up some rust and loses its sparkle, of course.

There are plenty of products available for cleaning chrome and making it look as good as new if you want to go that route. But you might not need to! There are a few ways you can clean and polish chrome using things you probably already have at home, and the results might really surprise you. Try one of these the next time your grilles need brightening up:

Aluminium foil

First of all, it's true that chrome is a very soft metal, but aluminium foil is softer, so you don't need to worry about it scratching or marking your grille.

The foil is great at removing rust, so try just wiping it with dry foil. If it's not doing the trick, some people suggest wetting the foil with plain water first.

If you need even more power, pour cola onto the grille and go at it with the foil. It sounds like a strange idea, but the chemicals in cola can really power through rust and tarnishes. Make sure you rinse and thoroughly dry the grille afterward.

Simple dish soap

Instead of forking out cash for expensive chrome cleaners, try mixing ordinary dish soap and water half and half. Use a sponge or cloth to give the grille a good clean, then rinse it all off with plain water and dry it well.

Baby oil

All you need is oil and a soft cloth. Put some oil onto the cloth and get polishing, and you'll see the chrome come back to life before your very eyes. This method can be used for cleaning, but can also work with other cleaning methods. Use at as a finishing touch to add extra shine and protection to the chrome surface.

Vinegar solution

Vinegar is great at working away all sorts of stains and tarnishes, and it works very well on chrome. Mix water and white vinegar in a 50/50 ratio and use it with a soft cloth to clean the whole grille. If it's not working well enough or there are some spots that are tough to shift, try adding some baking soda to the mix. The fizzy solution will give a bit of extra strength that can clean more effectively.

These cleaning solutions will also work well on Mitsubishi truck grilles!