The Different Types of Turbocharger Systems and their Relative Advantages

It is necessary to understand the different types of turbo systems in the world of automobiles. This involves knowing the variations that exist between single systems, twin-scroll systems, twin systems, electric turbo systems, and variable geometry. The various types of turbocharger systems and styles include single turbo, twin turbo, twin scroll turbo, variable geometry turbo, electric turbo, and variable twin scroll turbo. Here is a helpful, detailed discussion about a few of these systems and their best advantages. [Read More]

Signs Your Truck Engine Has Become Compromised

The engine is the heart of your truck. Without it, your vehicle will be obsolete. Nevertheless, since engines are built for durability, some motorists may end up neglecting to service this component until a problem arises. The problem with this approach is underlying problems that could have easily been fixed would have gotten sufficient time to escalate into severe engine trouble. So what are the signs that your engine has become compromised and would require servicing? [Read More]

Off road driving tips: Four important things you need to do

Driving off-road can be a really great and fun experience, especially when you are going camping with family. After all, you don't get to drive on rocky or dusty terrains every day if you live in the suburbs. However, off road driving could have its challenges. Are you going on your first off road drive? Well, it's important to be prepared. The terrain could be rougher than you think it is. [Read More]

Get Chrome Grilles Sparkling with Common Household Items

A chrome grille can quite easily take pride of place on your truck, with its bright and luxurious finish shining out from the front for all to see and envy. That's until it gets tarnished or picks up some rust and loses its sparkle, of course. There are plenty of products available for cleaning chrome and making it look as good as new if you want to go that route. But you might not need to! [Read More]